We specialize in roof trusses that are computer designed using the latest industry codes and the latest design software from Mitek Industries, Inc.

We take pride in the quality of our design and construction. We try to take to take complicated roof systems and simplify them for our sake and the builder’s sake.

We do many extremely complicated truss systems, however if it does not make sense in our minds, then we will not build it.

Any designer can take a layout program and draw lines on a piece of paper, but that does not make it work in the field.

Just because it looks good on paper does not make it work.

Our main product is roof trusses

We are a small truss company and when we send trusses out the front door, they arrive on the job site and fit properly.

We also produce floor trusses which are 16” tall or taller. These are open web floor trusses which are also designed with Mitek software. We also produce frames such as barn or shed frames.

Along with manufactured products we stock a large selection of truss hangers and hardware.

We also stock a large selection of Mitek truss plates and Southern Pine lumber including grades #1, DSS and MSR in 2x4’s thru 2x10’s in length up to 20’.

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